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Moot - The Opening Howl - World of Darkness: Silver Woods

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March 7th, 2004

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03:13 pm - Moot - The Opening Howl
As the members of the sept gather in the Assembly area, Duncan Gathers-the-Herd intones, "Welcome Garou, one and all, my Changing brothers and sisters, dancers in the high moonlight, welcome! I call thee, summon thee, bring you hence to witness this circle, this everwidening circle, the Moot that we call. Hear me! Hear my howl!"

[He howls, and then all of Sept follows]

As the last of the Howls fade out, he continues, "Now let us not forget our Wolfen Kin who dwindle in these last days -- let our dirge keep their memory."

[Duncan howls a mournful howl, the Lupus follow, and then the Sept]
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