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The Annals of the Silver Lion - March 11, 2004 - World of Darkness: Silver Woods

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March 11th, 2004

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05:39 pm - The Annals of the Silver Lion - March 11, 2004
As recorded by Lord Julien Marron ap Eiluned
Much to the worry of the barony’s inhabitants, a group of cannibal ogres was discovered in an abandoned mansion in Lyonsville.

The vile blackguards had apparently been preying on inhabitants of the village for some time before they were discovered by Lady Sandra and her Prodigal associates.

Along with Sir Gunthar and myself, Lady Sandra’s party apprehended the malefactors in time to save their latest group of victims – a troll, a sidhe, and two mortals, one of them my own sibling, Aaron Frost.

The foul villains put up a battle; the remains of their number were turned over to the Supernatural Task Force of the F.B.I., in the person of Sir Kellin. Medical aid was obtained for their victims; I am informed that Aaron, the other mortal, and the troll, one Jorgen, will recover. The sidhe lady has thus far remained unresponsive to stimuli; Lady Althea and Sir Cianan theorize that her traumatic experience has produced a state of catatonia.

Sir Kellin reported that questioning the villains brought no clues to the history of their vile deeds, nor to where they obtained the healing waters used to restore parts of their victims. Listening in to their private conversations, however, proved far more enlightening. Apparently, they obtained the water supply from a cousin of theirs, who in turn obtained it from her employer. The Baronial Guard has been alerted to watch for a female troll or ogre with red hair.

March 11, 2004
in the twenty-fourth year of the reign of Their Graces Arislan ap Fiona and Rhiannon ni Eiluned,
at Caer Leon, Barony of the Silver Lion, Duchy of SilverWater, Kingdom of Apples


Lord Julien’s personal notes:
I think I almost died when I saw Aaron lying there in that bathtub, without his leg. I can remember having a bunch of thoughts going through my head, one of them being that I’d never forgive myself if he wasn’t going to be okay.

I want so badly to mutilate those bastards beyond any possible recognition. I want to see them hacked into tiny pieces, and then fed into a furnace. And then, for good measure, I’ll piss on their ashes.

Thank God Aaron’s going to be okay. Georgetown University Hospital has one hell of a trauma team. And with Dr. Mordrid on the job, it looks like Aaron’ll be none the worse for wear.

Mom and Ethan showed up at the hospital while I was visiting Aaron yesterday. Mom cried a river, and the stepdick bawled me out for what happened. It’s a damn good thing we were in a hospital, because I felt like kicking his sanctimonious arse into next year! But I kept my mouth shut, because having me and the stepdick screaming at each other wouldn’t have done little brother any good. Didn’t really do too much for my stomach, though. By the time I got home, it was churning so much I didn’t want dinner. I did feel pretty bad about the look on Gordon’s face when I told him I wasn’t hungry, though...I’ll have to make it up to him somehow.

It’s late, and I need to sleep, so that’s it for now....

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