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World of Darkness: Silver Woods

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This LJ is a community for anyone interested in my tabletop World of Darkness RPGs, be they players or lurkers.

Your moderatrix is thegamemistress.

This is a closed community; to join, e-mail thegamemistress AT livejournal.com. Please remember to tell me your LJ user name in the e-mail, and if you are not a player in one of my WoD games, please let me know why you're interested in joining.

All characters are the property of their respective players; please do not re-post anything concerning those characters anywhere else without permission from the player(s).

All locations and persons (with certain obvious exceptions) mentioned in this LJ are fictitious; no similarities with actual locations, or with actual persons (either living or dead) is intended.

The Scarlet & Shadow homepage, where some of the information in this LJ, along with much more, can be found

Character Journals
Note: Players in Scarlet & Shadow will please consider anything contained in these journals to be Out-of-Character information (unless directed otherwise by the GM).

Warning: Some of these journals contain adult content.

Player Character Journals

Daisy Lewis

Non-player Character Journals

Michiko Hayase
Sebastian Larkatos
Sir Keighvyn ap Scathach
Lord Julien ap Eiluned
Aaron Frost
Ceara ni Scathach
Lord Gavin ap Fiona
Lady Drusilla ni Scathach
Sonja "Nightstalker" Kerrigan