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Rite of the Full Moon - World of Darkness: Silver Woods

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March 1st, 2004

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10:40 pm - Rite of the Full Moon
Either before or after the moot, John gathers the pack together for a special ceremony to honor their totem at the first light of her moon and the start of her month. Again, he passes a glass of water for everyone to drink from and says the following:

"Shantar of the Loom, we thank you for your blessings this past year and renew our vows to you for the year about to dawn. In this, the last moon of the year and your sacred month, we seek to complete the quests which we have undertaken and invent new tasks to take us into the days to come. We ask you for your insights and strive to avoid the reckless action which can result from it. We dedicate ourselves to change with the turning of the days and seek always to understand the world we live in with its ever-changing wonders. We cast aside the shadows of the Secret One and declare for all to hear -- We are the Bridge Builders!"

(OOC: Actually, if it would be acceptable, he'd be perfectly happy to integrate this ceremony into the Moot itself, but I am not sure of the protocols of this. I leave it up to Midori to advise.)

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